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What Do Grunts Dream Of?

Many if not the majority of Xbox fans are familiar with the Halo series. We have all taken over the role of the master chief devastating lines alien infantry while saving humanity from the covenant. One of the most well know and loved species in this fantastic universe is clearly the grunts.

When playing halo you will often times see these tiny, high pitched, wrinkly skinned aliens. They really ever pose any real threat to the player but are quite possibly one of the games most memorable characters.

Ever since the first iteration of this franchise, you have always come across these little sacks of purple goo sleeping. After, years of pouring hours into this incredible game series, I thought of a question I never asked myself before. What do grunts dream of when they sleep?

To start with, this question implies that grunts even dream to begin with, which I believe they do. As you often times find these little guys talking in their sleep. As they have to be talking about something, I am going to go ahead and make the assumption that they do in fact have dreams. Also, in halo reach on the mission nightfall, you encounter a sleeping grunt that says "It's funny but I dream in English". This is a quirky little easter egg for the player to find. However, it does further prove that grunts do in fact dream.

Because these creatures are sentient like us. I feel they would dream the same way that a human does. They would dream about what affects them as individuals. But to narrow down on what specifically a grunt would dream about. I feel we need to know more about their culture, history, and who they are as a people.

What we call the grunts are better known in their own language as "Unggoy". The Unggoy started their civilization very similar to the humans in the sense that they were once primates. Their home planet Balaho was discovered by the Covenant in 2142. Many of the other species who joined the covenant such as the elites, joined willingly through faith. But the Grunts were forcefully assimilated into the empire. Because of this, the Grunts were always placed below all the other alien races.

As the grunts reproduce extremely fast, reaching adulthood within 5-8 years. The Covenant decided to make the Unggoy labors and cannon fodder on the front lines of war. The Grunts also highly value family ties but are always separated from their family at an early age. Due to their breeding habits, during times of peace, the Covenant has strict breeding laws for the grunts to control population.

As each grunt is an individual with his or her own history and story, it is hard to exactly pinpoint what one would necessarily dream about. But after doing a fair amount of research. I believe that grunts would dream about their ambitions and hopes. I believe some would dream about a better world and freedom, while other more faithful and loyal to the covenant might dream servitude.

One grunt might dream about being a great warrior. Having the ability to easily kill any Spartan or Elite. While another grunt might dream about going back to his home planet to reunite with his long-lost family or to meet the love of his life. Some might dream of becoming extremely wealthy, while others might just dream of a decent meal on the front lines of a war they never wanted.

In my search to find an answer to this question. I feel I have learned that the answer is not so cut and dry as I initially thought. When playing Halo, it's easy to see the Grunts as a goofy and weak race. But after learning their history. I can't help but think that they are not much different from us.

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