Verizon Is Working On A Video Game Streaming Service

Here in recent months, it seems like every time we turn around we hear news about another company either working on a new console or a game streaming platform.

Well, I guess Verizon, the telecommunications company, felt a bit left out. As it has just recently been reported by The Verge that they are planning on releasing there very own video game streaming service called Verizon gaming. That is getting into the video game streaming market. According to an article written by The Verge, Verizon is launching its very own game-streaming service called Verizon Gaming.

Not a whole lot is currently known, but If all is to believe this new Verizon feature is currently in alpha testing. It was also mentioned that Verizon gaming will support the Xbox one controller paired wirelessly to mobile devices.

There is no current news on a release date or pricing for Verizon gaming But it was also mentioned that more than 135 games are currently up and running with the current testing phase.

Our Take: We are huge supporters of competition in the market. But with all of these companies going into streaming games it is likely many will pull out as the market is likely to get saturated. Is there really enough room in the market for ten companies all competing against each other?

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