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Vampyr Review



Release Date: 6/5/2018
Price: $59.99 USD
Developer: Dontnod Entertainment
Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Developed by Dontnod Entertainment, Vampyr is a third-person action game set in London during the early twentieth century (1918 to be precise). You play as Dr. Johnathan Reid, an army doctor turned Vampire who is seeking answers as to why he was selected for the curse of vampirism.

Released on 5th June 2018 there is something alluring about Vampyr, from the graphics and soundtrack all the way down to the interesting characters and dark humor. The warning that the game presents you at the very beginning is the usual "This game is inspired by historic events but has works of fiction tied in". One line that stood out in the warning to me was quite comical which was, "No rats were harmed in the making of this game"

Upon launching the game you are told that the difficulty within the game is not based on a difficulty selector but rather the actions you choose within the game itself. Should you want an easier time playing you would need to feed and succumb to the darkness and the temptation that being a vampire brings. Should you succumb to the darkness not only will you have the undead to fight against but also the Brotherhood of St Paul Stole, which is the order that inspired the Van Hellsing stories.

Vampyr relies heavily on the choices you make, even something as tiny as missing a collectible can lock dialogue options which makes the "easy path" unavailable. The story is very gripping, I only intended to play it for three to four hours but ended up spending most of the night on it (fitting seeing as its a vampire game).

On the graphics side of things, the game is dark as you spend all of the gameplay under the shroud of night, however early on you develop night vision to help you see better. The graphics themselves remind me a lot of Dishonored, in that they are realistic but also has a flare of cartoon influence. So far I have not noticed any graphics issues and the camera is reliable as it is isn't focused but rather you control where it is.

The game does have replay value as each choice you make changes the game in some way, so no two playthroughs are the same. This can lead to some interesting points as some things that I have done in my playthrough has been unnoticed by others, so they have choices in the game that I don't have access to and vice versa.

You notice quickly the character talks to the player as if you are always watching over his shoulder, some might find that this breaks the immersion but I found that it includes a unique quality to the game that actually improves the game and makes you connect more with the world. One thing that I have noticed with the game is that sometimes the graphics and audio are out of sync so the audio plays than a second later the characters mouth starts moving, although this happens rarely and is to be expected for a game that is only a day old.

The music within the game is rather chilling, it lures you in making you feel calm in the actions that you are doing, be it saving the humans you wish to feed or feeding on the humans and leaving them for dead. One thing with the audio I have noticed is that it can get stuck on a note so it loops until you restart the game.

Overall, Vampyr is quite a fun and interesting game not only dealing with the history of London after the end of the World War One, but also the fictional history of vampires. For $60 USD I would say that it is not worth the full price as it stands and should really be priced between $30 - $40.

Is Vampyr worth it?

From the audio glitches to captivating story Vampyr is defiantly an interesting game that captivates the player, although it could have used more time fixing the audio issues.

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