The Good, The Bad, & In Between: Defiance 2050 Closed Beta

A quick shout out to all game developers! Thank you for the awesome chance to review games before they come out. Giving us the ability to voice our opinion and hopefully push the game to be successful for not only you, but us also.


2up and 2down

Let’s go over the negatives quickly, (cross my fingers and praying to the gaming gods) and hope these things will be fixed by release.

#1. Mandatory Multiplayer

Here’s why. There are sometimes as a gamer I just want to go off and slaughter all of the resistance. I understand that working together is important, everyone does. Sometimes the chat servers along with the overflow of people can be to much, having that option to break off gives the play-ability a boost.

#2.Glitchy Resistance

This is something that is probably being worked out. When I run by the resistance aka-bad guys  and they’re painting their toe nails in the sunshine until I shoot them…..always engaging makes me feel like the bad guy.

Not much to complain about…If you see something that I missed leave it down below. Let’s move onto the positives!

#1. Character Mechanics

Wow…I mean WOW! With a quick setup and being dropped into the game, you can’t complain. Well unless you’re my ten year old who wants to put a full face on their character. That’s not what we’re here for! We want all out war, blood, violence!

The mechanics to the character are clean, reload speed is a plus. Movement speed is awesome! When I need to get somewhere, I have three speeds move, fast and blue speed. What is blue speed? It’s the LT + X that gives you the super boost to get somewhere….keep in mind this does only last for short time periods. Why? Because you can’t give a gamer everything and not expect them to be complacent afterwards. Make them work for it.

#2. Graphics

As a gamer that loves to dig into the weeds of a game and see where I can go, this beta delivered! What do I mean? I had the ability to move, touch, be anywhere on this map. I hope they add Easter eggs in this game. Yeah…you like Easter eggs too.

The background to the game was stunning. From the time you touched down on Earth up to the servers shutting down, there was nothing that was displeasing to the eye.

Overall Performance: 7 out of 10

Going over the Play Scale:

  1. If you could buy three games a year, would this title be one of them? Probably
  2. Does this game give you enough content to warrant the price of the game? This has yet to be determined.
  3. Would you recommend this game to a family member or close friend? Yeah should they price this correctly and paid special attention to fixing prior complaints from gamers, I think it would be an awesome game to share with people.
  4. What type of player would enjoy this game? People who enjoy First Person Shooters (FPS) Sci-Fi Nerds



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