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State of Decay 2 Review

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State of Decay 2

Release Date: 5/22/2018
Price: $29.99 USD (You can also play this title with Gamepass for $10 USD on your Xbox One )
Developer: Undead Labs
Publisher: Microsoft Studios

Developed by Undead Labs, State of Decay 2 is an open-world survival game where you choose how to survive. A sequel to the well-received State of Decay, you find your self back in the post-apocalyptic world. Where Zombies have replaced men and every decision might be your last.

The story for this game is really whatever you make of it. You recruit followers for your settlement. Each of these followers will have certain tasks for you to complete. But as far as an overall story you will find State of Decay 2 a bit dry in this department. You will mostly find yourself going around exploring the map, scavenging to gather resources, building up your base by adding new facilities and killing hundreds of zombies.

On the gameplay side of things, this game is a ton of fun to play, especially with friends. After a while of playing, however, this game can feel a bit repetitive and grindy. Because of this many players might get bored and find themselves dropping this game quickly. There are a few issues with character movement. Additionally, driving in this game can be a bit buggy with vehicles getting stuck on objects they shouldn't. Still, there is truly no better feeling than driving over a hoard of twenty zombies with a van.

Many of the core game mechanics from the first game are the same. They have added a number of new features. Such as more in-depth upgrades for your bases. Aswell as a blood plague that you can contract from certain infected zombies, which will eventually turn you if you are unable to create a cure. Nevertheless while playing this game, I couldn't help but think this title is more like the DLC fans always wanted from the first game, instead of a separate game in its own right.

Visually this game is not anything to rave about. All the textures and animations work well with each other. One highlight is the detailed animations for killing Zombies. After 20 hours of gameplay, I still love running around cutting off the limbs of the undead. However, I did spot some weird looking lighting and shadow effects on my first playthrough.

The voice acting is done very well but a little sparse in some areas. You will find yourself reading most of the cutscenes/interactions with other NPC's. The game sound and music are well done. Helping to carry an eerie sense when exploring this post-apocalyptic world, constantly keeping you on your toes. Making you turn around every now and then to make sure nothing is creeping behind you.

Overall, Undead Labs has done an amazing job recreating everything we loved from the first game while adding in a couple of new features here and there. As I said before, this game does not seem like a separate game, more like a good piece of standalone DLC. With the price of 29.99 and the amount of content you get, I feel many gamers and fans of this genre will find the value in this title.

Surviving Zombies in a Familiar Way

Extremely similar to the first game with a good number of new features, this game feels more like DLC then a brand new game. With a number of glitches and repetitive gameplay, many might find this Apocolypse to be too much.

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