Should You Buy Games From Sites Like G2A?

In the last few years, sites like G2A and CDkeys have become increasingly popular, as an alternative for gamers who wish to purchase their games cheaper. But should you buy from these sites? Is it safe? How do they get these codes for the games we all love so cheap? Today we are going to shed some light on this mystery.

To start off with, if you like supporting game developers and our community as a whole. You should never purchase a game off one of these sites. Some of the sellers on these sites are legitimate people looking to sell off their unused codes. Yet often times, the codes you are actually buying might have been acquired from a stole credit card.

The way this works is someone, let's call him Ron. Ron goes and buys a couple stolen credit cards. He knows he can't just make purchases and have items sent to his house. The cops would find and arrest him. He needs to clean the money. So he decides to buy a ton of digital codes for games. Then he puts them up on sites like G2A and CDkeys. Selling these codes for way under the retail price. Now when someone buys one of these codes, Ron gets clean, almost untraceable money.

Now you might be thinking. "Well, this really doesn't hurt anyone. The people who get their cards stolen will get their money returned". The fact is, the money stolen will get refunded from the developer or publisher. However, someone still loses money. When these companies refund money for a stolen game, a lot of times they will impose a transfer fee of a couple of dollars. Now, a couple of dollars are not all that big of a deal. But when you have thousands of people everyday purchasing possibly stolen merchandise off of these sites. Those, transfer fees can add up. Not to consider the emotional impact someone feels when they get their credit or banking information stolen and used.

It's true that not every seller on these sites are selling illegal codes. However, there is no way for you the customer to know for sure who is and is not a legitimate seller.

What's more, in the last couple of weeks. There have been many people reporting on forums and Reddit about receiving a suspension or ban on Xbox from using a code from G2A. It seems that Xbox is now cracking down hard on people who use these stolen codes. As you could make a case that using any of these stolen codes, even unknowingly is marketplace fraud.

We understand that times are tough and walking away from a deal is hard. Nevertheless, before you decide to buy a code G2A or CDkeys, try to think about who this might impact. And what buying one of these codes will do to the community we all love and care for so much.

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