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Sea of Thieves Review


Sea of Thieves

Release Date: 3/20/2018

Price: $59.99 USD (You can also play this title with Gamepass for $10 USD on your Xbox One )

Developer: Rare Games

Publisher: Microsoft

Before You Buy: This game is an online only game with no single player. You will need an active subscription to Xbox live to play this title.

Sea of thieves is an online only, open world, pirate adventure game, created by the game developer Rare. This game will take you and up to 4 of your friends on an epic adventure sailing the high seas in search of adventure, treasure, and the Kraken (aka giant squid monster).

The story for this game really is whatever you and your friends make it. There are three main factions you can do missions with to receive rewards and rise in level. While doing missions for each of these factions, you will find yourself pretty much doing the same thing over. Activate quest, find item(s), return to the outpost to get your reward. This, at least for me, felt extremely repetitive just after a few hours of playing.

The combat in this game is a bit clunky. When using swords, it feels more like a button mashing extravaganza than a true duel of skill. Sadly, using firearms is not much better, the hit detection a lot of the time seems to be off. Sailing around on your ship would have to be the highlight of this game. The amount of teamwork and communication it takes to have a well-functioning ship is incredible. And I have to say there is no better feeling in this game than when you sink another player's ship and take all their loot.

The visuals in this game are fantastic. The developers definitely went for a more cartooned approach to the overall graphics. Still, it is very beautiful none the less. One thing that really caught my attention while playing this game is the water effects. The way the ocean moves, and how the waves crash against your ship is truly mesmerizing.

Sound effects in this game are done very well. Whether you're walking on the deck of your ship, are in a huge ship battle or just relaxing on a beach. All of the sounds work together in sync to help create a believable world.

Music in this game is a bit sparse and tends to repeat a lot. With that being said, regardless of the lack of music in certain areas, or the repetitiveness of the music you get. Sea of Thieves has one of the most memorable soundtracks for a game this year. I found myself humming the music for hours after I had played.

Overall, it's easy to tell that Rare spent a lot of time and energy into crafting this stunning world for us. But at the same time, there is a huge lack of content that should not be ignored.

Yo ho, Yo ho! The pirates life isn't what it seemed.

A huge, gorgeous world ripe for exploring. But with a serious lack of content, many players may shoot for an early retirement from pirating.

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