PUBG VS Fortnite

This year seems to be littered with battle royale games coming out left and right. It almost seems like a new battle royale game gets announced or comes out every month. With all of this diversity and variety in the market for this new superpower genre in the video game industry. It can be very difficult for your average gamer to decide what game is best for him or her.

So today we thought we would make your job a little easier, and compare the two most popular battle royale titles on the market today, Players Unknown Battlegrounds (PUBG) and Fortnite.



Release date: December 12, 2017
Price: $29.99 USD However, this price is bound to go up once it is out of its game preview.
Developer: PUBG Corporation
Publisher: Microsoft Studios

⦁ More realistic all the way around. From the gameplay to the graphics, this game is made for the gamer who enjoys a more tactical and realistic game.

⦁ Bigger game map, vehicles to drive, and longer match time.⦁ Less variety of weapons with more weapon customization

⦁ Has loot crates only obtainable by in-game currency, to unlock different clothing and accessories for your character.

⦁ Shorter time to kill. (Fewer bullets to kill an opponent)

⦁ Map positioning is extremely important.

⦁ More of an older audience tends to play this game.



Release date: July 25, 2017
Price: PvP (Multiplayer) is now free, but the PvE (story mode) for this game will cost you $39.99 USD. However, Epic Games have announced plans to make the PvE mode free as well later this year.
Developer: Epic Games
Publisher: Epic Games / Gearbox Publishing

⦁ Less realistic gameplay with more of a cartoon style of graphics.

⦁ Smaller game map, no vehicles, faster match time.

⦁ More weapon variety, with no weapon customization

⦁ Currently has paid microtransactions to unlock different character skins, loading screens, gliders and other items to personalize your character with.

⦁ Longer time to kill. (More bullets to kill an opponent)

⦁ You can build structures and walls to take cover behind.

⦁ More of a younger audience tends to play this game.

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