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Monster Hunter: World Review


Monster Hunter: World

Release Date: 1/26/2018

Price: $59.99 USD (Standard) $69.99. (Deluxe digital edition)

Developer: Capcom

Publisher: Capcom

Before You Buy: This game can be played offline in single player though you will need an active subscription to Xbox Live to use multiplayer.

Let's grab our weapons and jump straight into a world like no other. With varied ecosystems and some of the most beautiful visuals I have seen, this is the bold, primitive land of Monster Hunter World.

Released by Capcom, this is an adventure RPG which promises excitement, fantastic beasts and a cat best friend, all in a beautiful environment that is so inviting, and dangerous to explore.

The player has many options in terms of character & Palico creation, and there is a lot of freedom in how you want your character to look, which I prefer in a game, I like to look as unique as possible.

There is a tutorial which can feel long. This is necessary as whilst the idea may be simple, the controls feel complex and may take some time, & patience, to completely master so having that is a gentle introduction to what can seem a steep learning curve.

The storyline itself isn’t gripping enough, a lot of the time you just want to get through it and get to the next area, carry on your exploring as the beauty of this game is in the hunting and exploring what you see around you.

The monsters themselves are animated in a very realistic way. Their reactions are quick and with no health bar, it really is down to the player to judge what is happening based on what the beast is doing. This adds an interesting element as you try to figure out if the creature is going to fight, or flee.

Rated Teen, Monster Hunter World isn’t a particularly shocking game, the violence is within the confines of battle and I would say the most distasteful part is the harvesting of monsters for resources & rewards.

Traveling through the various areas really does show off how talented the creators are, each area is diverse and very visually pleasing, each new region also enables you to find new things to craft & new monsters to fight.

I have always enjoyed a crafting aspect and this might be one of my favorite parts. Upgrading, or creating, new armor for your character, or Palico can produce some amazing, & amusing, looks and thus crafting is a big part of the game and the progression of your character.

This world is visually stunning, further enhanced by a soundtrack which fits very well with the primitive feel of this game and although the same song played in certain areas can get a little tedious to hear, it is one of the positives in a game where sounds can be limited.

Every monster has its own roar and combat sounds are there but there is a lack of actual voice acting from NPC’s and some cutscenes, this games strengths in aesthetics & sounds are in the different regions and not in the camps.

The repetitive nature does seem to be an underlining part of this game, from the soundtrack to expeditions, you will spend a lot of time doing the same types of quests, just with monsters of ascending difficulty.

The actions themselves can also be needlessly complex, which for some, may be of benefit but might not appeal to a casual player who perhaps doesn’t have the time to invest in learning how to make the most of this games fighting style or general gameplay.

Monster Hunter World did not hook me like others have but it does have the potential for longevity should Capcom be able to keep its community, continues to engage with them through events & possible future DLCs, so looking long term, it could be worth the investment in terms of price and character progression in the future.

For what Monster Hunter World provides, the purchase price isn’t terrible but I am not sure this game can command the same price tag as other AAA titles, it is beautiful but it just doesn’t have the same attention-grabbing nature as some other games.

Overall, it is a good game, in terms of graphics, it's wonderful and very refreshing but it does fall flat in many areas for me personally, I know others who love this game so it is down to the individual gamer to really decide the worth of this game.

Not all Monsters are scary.

Jump into a world of Monsters and beautiful visuals that promises so much but perhaps doesn't deliver in all it could be.

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