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Lost in Limbo.

"Uncertain of his sister's fate, a boy enters Limbo."

That is the only thing we know about Limbo when we enter, are we there by choice? Forced? We don't know.

Limbo is an ethereal, puzzle-based platformer that will leave you with more questions than it answers as you, in the guise of the unnamed boy, make your way through this world of light and shadows.

A very simple game in terms of physical gameplay, with only two actions and one player, this noir world is anything but easy, it is an increasingly complex world of puzzles and hazards that will frustrate & intrigue you to the very end.

An addictive game, which will lull you deeper into a very dangerous, peaceful world of near silence, every sound seems to echo, reminding you to keep on your toes and pay attention to what is around you.

Developed by Playdead (Xbox One: 5th December 2014), this is a bold game that achieves so much mystery with a muted color palette & no real storyline, and whilst not an AAA title, it is worth playing at least once.


So, what is Limbo?

There are many fan theories but leaving the game open to interpretation by the gamers is an interesting element, so I shall not discuss them here and instead, I encourage you to try it for yourself & come up with your own theories as to what this game is saying to you and what it all really means.

Limbo can be played for free with a GWG pass or purchased for $9.99 and if you are a fan of games that will make you think, then I think the price is worth it as Limbo will certainly test you and leave you wanting to know more.

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