Just Cause 4 Review

So I must confess this is the first game from the Just Cause series I have actually played not counting the demos I played on the Xbox 360. So as you could imagine I was extremely excited to jump in and play this game for the first time.

In just cause 4, you play as the protagonist Rico Rodriguez, who has come to the fictional South American country of Solis to hunt down the truth of his past and figure out why his father helped the black hand, a hi-tech mercenary company for dictators. The game is a huge open world game with multiple regions to explore. In comparison, it looks very similar in map size to GTA 5 or the recently released Red Dead Redemption 2.

But one way the game falls flat is the story progression. Basically, after the prolog you get thrown into this big world, get introduced to a group of rebels and start an all so cliché capture this territory game. We have seen this type of gameplay so many times. Which would be great if I didn’t already complete 1500 other titles with the same progression system. Many gamers still might like this system of gameplay but to me, it’s very dry and almost boring to go around all of the map and capture territories. And that is basically what this game is all about. Go to a region, complete a repetitive mission in the region to raise the chaos level. Click A on the map to capture it and then do the main story mission. rinse and repeat.

On one bright side, the core gameplay mechanics are pretty fun. There was a bit of a learning curve on how to properly use the grapple as I started the game. But once I figured it out some of the best moments I had in this game was grappling and parachuting my way across the map, calling in supply drops and vehicles to play with or when in heavy gunfights using rockets to blow everything to pieces. Honestly one of the biggest highlights in this game is the intense moments you can have while in combat. And the complete explosive destruction only rivaled by a high budget action movie.

At the same time, there were many somewhat quirky moments as well. Like the NPCs doing things they shouldn’t and getting glitched in between objects. Fortunately when getting stuck your grapple can get you out but it is still annoying and breaks the game’s immersion.

Ultimately this game seems more like a jump in and destroy things up for pleasure game rather than a unique narrative-driven game like Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption series. Which is great if explosions and intense high-speed combat is your thing. But for me at least there doesn’t really seem to be anything that this game does that would be considered groundbreaking for gaming.

When researching this game one of the biggest highlights talk about by the developers seemed to be the dynamic weather such as having tornados, blizzards, and sandstorm spawn on the map. But these moments seem far and few between after playing the game.

But really at the end. This game has quite a bit of content to explore and some really interesting characters and side mission. But I also think Avalanche could have used a bit more time to polish this game around the edges before release.

With all of this said is just cause 4 worth its 60 dollar price tag. Well if you are a major fan of the just cause series then you will most likely love more of the same with this game. But if you are like me and are just now thinking on coming into this game series then I would say wait and pick it up early next year on sale when it’s cheaper as I don’t think it is really worth it 60 dollar price tag.

Just Cause 4 Review

Nothing really new or innovating, and somewhat buggy.

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