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Hellstone Keep

Minecraft released in May 2009, has been a simple game loved by the masses. Since it's release creators have come from around the globe to create worlds to be shared with friends and loved ones. With so many new maps coming out and different features, we made a home for them at Ambassador's View. To cut the red tape we're going to kick off with:

Hellstone Keep created by Blockworks




  This world being created by Blockworks. Hellstone Keep is a simple world with so many secrets to see. In the beginning, I spawned in a nice little cottage right outside of a what seems like a peaceful village. Upon exploring the outside scene, the villagers are missing and the Nether looks to be trying to take over the world. When you follow the clues the Nether gives you to find the portal, you have no choice but to follow it.





Over magma cubes, soul sand and through the different types of mobs you follow the Nether Portal to a hellish world with more mobs and a pathway leading to the main castle. Which after the things you go through to get there, becomes your abode.





Plundering the castle by yourself just isn't any fun. So to further add to the fun we added another Ambassador's View staff member to check it out. When friends are added it becomes a race to find all of the coolest things.


For the price of 130 MC, this map is sure to delight all players, old and new. Whether it's the lore and secret storytelling of this world, or the incredible design of the castle.


Minecraft Coin prices=

320 MC- $1.99

1020 MC- $5.99

1720 MC- $9.99

3500 MC- $19.99


For more, be sure to stop back and check out whats new in Minecraft.




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