Lets get Indie With It

Goblins have stolen a Bard’s Gold!

Whilst traveling, a nefarious goblin stole your family heirloom, the legendary Bard’s Gold.

Giving chase, the player is thrown into a challenging 2D platformer by Pixel Lantern (released June 2016) where you are pit against a variety of traps & familiar RPG style enemies, all against the clock to find the key to proceed.

Bard’s Gold isn’t new in its concept, similar to many other platformers, it is heavily influenced by 90’s gameplay whilst adding a fantasy twist that many RPGs fans will recognize.

The player is given three options in how they wish to tackle their tale: Normal, Retro or Rogue-like, each of these does offer a slightly different experience and adds their own challenges to a game where death makes you stronger.

The gameplay will also be familiar to some gamers. Simple controls enable you to jump, or attack, as you make your way through this 100 level world and with no tutorial, it is up to the player to learn on their feet.

Bard’s Gold is heavily steeped in nostalgia. The art style and soundtrack will instantly remind many retro gamers of other puzzle titles, like Alex the Kidd and I found myself enjoying being in that world, smashing pots & looking around as much as I enjoyed the gameplay.

Rated E (for everyone), Bard’s Gold is a harmless, single player game with very none graphic violence. It can be very frustrating but also a gentle introduction into the fantasy world for younger gamers.

My daughters have expressed interest in this game and for $3.99 (or free if you have the Game Pass), it’s a great price for a game which has 100 levels and also guarantees, at least for them, a lot of game time, and peace for me.

Bard’s Gold is a wonderful game, that whilst not on my list, is definitely something on my daughters and that for me is a selling point, I can share the types of games I loved as a child with them and also introduce them to a fantasy world I love so much.

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