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Games for good?

Games can sometimes have a bad reputation in the eyes of others. Complaints of trolls or that video games cause violence in society are commonplace & there seems to be more effort in highlighting the potential negatives, instead of the positives it provides.

There are negative aspects to everything we do in life but what is not shown is just how passionate, committed, and even kind,  the gaming community can be when they come together for a cause they care about.

There is a rise in charitable actions and the thought that gamers can do great things.

Many gamers will now use their streams to promote and engage their audience on a personal level about a cause they support. Through that coverage, a charity gets aid & visibility,  for free as the streamers do this by choice.

This is an incredible thing. Gamers will not only reach out to a charity but also to an individual as well, such as the ongoing fundraising efforts for the family of Xbox Addict.

Gamers came together to fundraise for his family and also to show their grief and #Bleedgreen for a much-loved member of our community, they wanted to be there as much as they could.

It’s not just the gamers themselves though. I, Hope is a wonderful Indie game (sadly not available in my region), an adventure game about a girl named Hope and her town, which has been taken over by Cancer.

A collaboration by Arconyx, Anomalia & the charity, GameChanger (released April 2018), this game gives 100% of its profits to charity and is a beautiful reason to make a game, whilst also helping sick children.

There are so many good deeds being done in the community that are not being celebrated more and the positives of what the community can do, are overshadowed by the negative aspects.

I encourage everyone to actively look at the great things the community is doing and get involved. From donating on a stream or buying Mercys Breast Cancer Research skin, there are so many ways to help & take positive steps towards encouraging that side of us.

Maybe this will be the beginning of new and wonderful things.

If more gamers, companies and developers took a chance & embraced charitable deeds, this community could really grow into something wonderful.

With so many of us, we really could be a force for good.

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