Feudal Alloy Review

Feudal Alloy is the most recent game from Attu Games. It is a 2D Platformer with RPG elements. The game’s story, for the most part, is quite simple, completely absent of any complex narrative. You play as a medieval, fish controlled farming robot who takes care of aging robots. After your village is ransacked, and your oil supplies are stolen by a gang of robot bandits. You begin your quest to reclaim what was stolen from your village. And that is pretty much the whole story of the game.

The overall gameplay mostly consists of running around the map exploring and fighting enemy robots to find keys, to open doors, unlocking new levels. A variety of different levels and more unique enemies being added as the game continues helps to keep the game fresh. As you play you gain more powerful armor and weapons as well as abilities. Some of my favorite aspects of this game are the inventory management, the ability to purchase better equipment from stores as you progress in the game, and the basic leveling system. The controls for the game are also very tight and work well as any platformer should.

One downside to mention is that this game can sometimes be hard to navigate and to travel around. Part of this is definitely done to the style and genre of the game. But I think part is also due to bad game design. As you come into new levels you can find maps to help you navigate. However, these maps are not very well detailed and I found myself getting lost many times while playing this game. Due to this, I had to backtrack to where I actually needed to be several times.

With all of this being said, this game really does not hold your hand. It gives you a basic idea of what to do and the abilities to do it. But there are really no directions for the player. Many times you will just need to explore to figure out what to do and where to go.

The art style is very subjective in this game, but I myself really enjoy the look of it. In a way, it sort of reminds me of Cuphead. All items and hand-drawn artwork are highly detailed and the color palette of this game works very well.

The music for this game is also very well done. However, many of the songs do sound the same and tend to repeat often. But the themed medieval music works fluently with this game and adds a relaxing and inviting feel.

Overall Feudal Alloy is a good, well put together game. With most players taking about 10-15 hours in beating this game. As well as the price of this game is 13.99 USD. I think there is quite a bit of value for this game so long as you are a fan of the Metroidvania, 2D exploration genre.

Feudal Alloy Video Review

Feudal Alloy Review

A very competent game in the Metroidvania genre. However, might not be what some more casual gamers are looking for.

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