Fallout 76 Just Announced

Just a couple of hours ago Bethesda studios released a teaser trailer for a new game titled Fallout 76. Is this real, someone pinch me! If you have not seen the trailer yet click on the video below.

So after watching this trailer, it looks as if Bethesda is going to be releasing some sort of Fallout game. By the way, the trailer looks it almost seems like a full-fledged regular Bethesda style game.

Many are speculating that this title might reexplore the New Vegas area. However, this is highly unlikely as Obsidian the developer of Fallout: New Vegas has already released a statement saying they are not working on Fallout 76.

Some other theories are that Fallout 76 might be another mobile game such as Fallout shelter. As this is definitely possible. I also believe this to be unlikely. The reason being that fallout shelter release alongside the announcement of Fallout 4 to excite the market and so far we have only seen news of this one game.

Ultimately I think it is safe to say that Fallout 76 will either be a Single player RPG or possibly an MMO similar to what they did with the Elder Scrolls Online. Either way, we really don’t have very much to go on.

Fortunately, we do have some information on Vault 76 from other Fallout games. While playing Fallout 3, you can find a vault-tec terminal in the Citadel (the Brotherhood of Steels main base in the game) In this terminal it lists Vault 76 as a control vault. This means Vault 76 was a vault where no weird and gruesome experiments were conducted on the residents. The terminal also mentions how the vault was designed to open 20 years after the bombs fell and that there were a total of 500 residents living there.

Overall, this is not a ton of information, but it is still interesting nevertheless. Let us know what you think about this incredible news in the comment section below.

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