E3 Fallout 76 News

During the Bethesda briefing tonight at E3 many atomic bombs were dropped. But I have to say one of the biggest was the news regarding Fallout 76. Many have been speculating for weeks on the details surrounding this new title in the beloved Fallout series.

It is now confirmed that Fallout 76 will take place in West Virginia 25 years after the bombs fell. You will start the game as a vault dweller who has spent years waiting for reclamation day (The day when you will get to leave the vault, and try to rebuild society).

The game map is 4 times as big as the map in Fallout 4, and Bethesda has added in tons of new creatures. But there will also be familiar enemies such as ghouls and super mutants.

Many gamers have been speculating that this new title will be online and that has been confirmed. You will now be able to play fallout 76 with friends. The game will not be an MMO like Elder Scrolls Online However. You will be able to join the world with up to 20 other players. With this being said you are not required to join others and can choose to play the game 100% solo if you choose.

Settlement building is also back, but this time around you are able to set up a campsite to build anywhere you want. You will also be able to gain access to a nuclear launch site and launch missiles at multiple locations on the map. Todd Howard, Executive Producer and Game Director at Bethesda Softworks, also stated in the briefing,”You will decide the heroes and the villains of the world”.

Todd Howard also stated that they will launch a beta for the game before it’s release date of November 14, 2018.

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