Crackdown 3 Review

Crackdown 3 is the third game in the beloved crackdown franchise. Having skipped the second game, Crackdown 2. It had been a very long time since I took up arms to help the agency fight crime.

When first jumping into this game I really didn’t know what to expect, between all the time away from playing the first game and the mixed reviews. But after a few hours in. I was, in general, pleasantly surprised.

The story of This game starts off as a villainous corporation strikes down the whole world power. They then create a refuge city on a desolate island to control the population and pretty much take over everything. This is where you come in. As an agent, you are tasked with cleaning this city of criminals and bringing the corrupt corporation to justice. Honestly, the story is decent, but it seems very clique.

The gameplay of crackdown 3 is where this game really shines in my opinion. Like in the previous games as you take out enemies, find hidden orbs around the city and use abilities your character will level up. Becoming stronger and unlocking newer more powerful abilities. The player progression has always been many peoples favorite feature in this game, and it is just fantastic to see that they brought it back.

Movement and combat seem relatively smooth. The only issues I really ran into was climbing up building could sometimes be a bit funky and every now and then your character would grab onto some edges of a building you didn’t want him to. but overall the actual combat is very simple, but enjoyable to p[lay with.

The story progression in this game is a bit grindy as well. Overall to complete the main campaign you will find your self doing a lot of capture this territory types of missions. These missions can vary from capturing a railway, to free prisoners and destroying factory and mining equipment. After each mission is complete you will earn a few game bonuses and intel on a high ranking target. Once enough intel is gathered on a target. you will be given a location and will have to go take them out in a boss fight. I usually don’t like this type of game progression as I usually think it is lazy by the developers. But honestly, there is just something addictive about playing these missions and doing the boss fight. But even with that being said I could see many players getting bored of these missions halfway through the game.

Fortunately, the game does offer a co-op campaign mode. Where you and one of your friends can go at the main story together. And doing the main story with a friend might help with making the game seem a bit less like a grind.

As far as the music and voice acting I honestly can’t speak for all the characters. But on my playthrough, I choose to play as the character Jaxon who is voiced by Terry Crews. And his performance is fantastic. The amount of comedy he brings to the role is just brilliant. Overall the voice acting in this game is what to be fully expected from a 60 dollar title.

The art style for this game resembles a comic book graphics. Some may like this and some may hate it. But in my opinion, the game looks good and very appropriate for the series. Character animations are on point and in general, the graphics seem good quality.

As well as the single-player game mode and the cooperative story mode. Crackdown 3 also includes its very own PVP game mode called wrecking Zone. The multiplayer mode only has two game modes in total. Agent Hunter, which is a game mode where you must kill opponents and pick up their tags, and Territories where you must capture and hold different points on the map.

The overall gameplay of the multiplayer is simple but also very strategic. Aiming to shoot isn’t really an issue as you always lock onto your target to shoot. So more times then not the match is won by the team who is better at running, jumping and using cover to their advantage.

One really interesting feature for this games multiplayer is the almost total sandbox environments. You can nearly destroy or blow a hole through any building on the maps. And as you could imagine this only expands on the strategy of how to win your match as you can just blow a hole through a building to shoot an enemy rather than walk around the building.

With all of this being said the multiplayer is not perfect. The times to actually connect to a server and load into a match could rival only GTA 5. If you don’t understand that reference it takes a while. In addition to that the multiplayer only currently offers random team matchmaking. Meaning there is currently no option to party up and go into a match with your friends. The developers have come out and stated that teaming up with friends to go into a match will be coming. But still, this is shocking to see a game come out in 2019 that doesn’t offer this basic feature.

Overall crackdown 3 is a very fun and relaxing game. It is a game to pick up when bored and just enjoy running around playing with all the features and toys. As this game is an Xbox exclusive it was released on Gamepass at launch for no additional cost. Which in my opinion is the best way to play it. Other than that you can buy this game for 60 USD.

Well, that is it for this review of Crackdown 3. Hopefully, this review has helped you determine whether or not to buy this game. Make sure to let us know what you thought about our review and if you have already bought this game down in the comment section below!!!

Crackdown 3 Review

A great game with few bug. Crackdown 3 is a game fans old and new will love.

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