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Clean Up The Streets With Raging Justice.

Time to clean up the streets, there is a crimewave and only you, the toughest maverick in the police force can serve the justice needed!

Raging Justice is a 2D scrolling platformer which instantly appealed to me. Developed by MakinGames and released in May 2018, this title is an action-packed retro trip that left me wanting more.

For anyone who owned, or is a fan of the Snes, this gameplay will be instantly familiar. Very basic controls and minimal actions performed by your character leave you plenty of time to focus on the fights ahead of you. These fights are brutal & can sometimes come in waves with just you as one of three characters to fend them off.

The graphics and music instantly reminded me of many past games I had enjoyed, Batman Returns being one of them and like that Snes version, the enemies can sometimes be just copy & paste version of themselves but it is no less fun and the areas are so colourful & bright that this game will draw you in.

There is no progression beyond the levels themselves but you are able to pick up items as you go along, whether this is the trusty baseball bat, which pops up in all these games, or a trash can is entirely up to you, however the true rewards lie in arresting the perpetrator, not killing them so you can play it good or bad cop should you choose.

Raging Justice feels like an arcade game to play. There is a local co-op option which makes this game a great one to sit and play with friends & whilst there isn’t much to the storyline, the brawl option will enable you to just have a fight to a fast paced soundtrack.

This game is simple in terms of its mechanics and it’s really more about the entertainment you will have playing it. There is no online multiplayer, however you can compare your scores on a global leaderboard and compare yourself to the other cops on your beat.

The player can also gain achievements through playing it but for me, that is a side thought compared to how much I enjoy playing a game like this because I found it addictive and kept wanting to press forward.

Rated Teen, it is down to the parent to decide if this game is appropriate, I would play it first and judge for yourself as the violence isn’t particularly graphic & the voice acting is very minimal, but it is a game very much in the same style of the older beat em ups so expect prostitutes & knives.

Available for $14.99, it isn’t a bad price but many will play this because of memories they may have of this genre but whilst it is a brilliant game which pays homage to classic gaming styles in an incredible way, it doesn’t add anything either, it doesn’t bring anything new and might not attract a younger new audience.

I personally love this game for the memories it brings and that it doesn’t require much effort to play, it can just be picked up when you are tired or whatever, you will enjoy the time you play but do not expect this to be AAA standard because it is not, this is a violent, magnificent world where retro gaming is still alive but only to those who love it.

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