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Chaotic matches in Disco Dodgeball Remix.

Bright lights and excitement await the player in Zen Studios 3D shooter, dodgeball-with-a-twist, Disco Dodgeball Remix.

Released on May 22nd, 2018 this is a game which will appeal to many younger gamers or people who want an uncomplicated pvp experience.

Extremely colorful levels & flashing lights disguise what is essentially a very simple concept, you are controlling a robot to play dodgeball through the games various modes.

The controls are uncomplicated and easy to grasp, there is no tutorial but instead, this game offers a training area to really hone your skills and prepare for your next game.

The various modes are exciting and this game offers both online & local (split-screen) multiplayer, making it simple for gamers to play with their friends in whatever way they feel happiest with.

There is a single player option for players who want to take a more solo approach. So you won’t have to play against other players online.

There are no surprises for anyone who has played a lot of pvp, there are modes like horde or capture the flag, however the lights & music combine to make a very chaotic & enjoyable environment.

The soundtrack and general look of the game feels likes being in a club, my children are drawn to this game because of how it looks & it can be addictive once you start playing.

Disco Dodgeball Remix does offer some progression in terms of levelling up, loot or achievements. However this is not a story based game, it really is you as your robot avatar, dodging balls & flinging projectiles back and that might not appeal to everyone.

Rated E (Everyone 10+), this is a dodgeball game and thus the violence largely relates to that but it isn’t graphic & there is nothing really that would concern a younger player, although there are flashing lights which some may react to.

Available for $14.99, this is a game with a lot of replay value if this is for you. My daughters could play it for hours & there are many grown-ups I know who would play this for fun when they want a break from better, AAA titles.

Disco Dodgeball Remix is a great game to waste time on, if you are bored and you feel like you have nothing else to play, this game might amuse you but it isn’t one I think could capture a gamers interest as much as other titles out there and is better suited as a bit of fun with your friends than one to put serious hours into.


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