Apex Legends Review

Dominate your environment and claim victory for your squad in Respawns ‘Apex Legends’.

Released 02/04/2019 to a largely unsuspecting audience, EA has added another battle royale game to the genre which frankly, is worth attention and playing.

This shooter type game offers some familiarity in that 60 players are dropped into a battleground, they must look for weapons, fight each other and also keep within an ever decreasing circle, ‘Apex Legends’ however adds more dynamics and its own element to this.

Instead of the usual four, we find ourselves in a party of three and as each character has its own abilities, it enables the player to not only consider which character they prefer but also which work well together, adding a tiny amount of that party dynamic which other BR titles don’t always consider.

We are able to take a more healer role if we wish with the character Lifeline and combine this with the added chance to respawn, means that character choice & their abilities can be a decisive factor and victory isn’t always assured.

The characters themselves are incredibly well animated (Wraith being my favourite) and each is diverse not only in look but in ability also. It is this diversity which enables the player to find a character which suits their play style, whether that be utilizing Gibraltar’s shields or Wraiths portals, many will find a character which suits them.

However in creating these diverse characters, they have lead to people wanting to know more and ‘Apex Legends’ does not currently offer much in the way of story so whilst it gives us these characters, unlike titles like Overwatch, they do not gives us much in terms of our objective beyond survive which currently seems a waste of what could be an interesting selling point to this title.

Communication between team members also has an added element through the use of ‘pings’.

We are able to disclose information such as items or enemies to each other without drawing attention to ourselves or needing to waste time with shouting out coordinates in party chat, making this an easier game to play with random teammates and keeping that squad coordination together.

These ‘pings’ can be instrumental in conversing with your squad, however, this game does not offer the option to play alone.

The squad must always be three and thus you will find yourself playing with random gamers if you don’t go in with a predetermined team and can find yourself waiting to find additional members on that server.

The dynamic of three members can be somewhat limiting and there is currently no option for creating custom matches which may leave some squads needing to take turns or leave a player out as they are unable to use all four gamers at once.

‘Apex Legends’ also does not currently support any crossplay and whilst that is something they wish for the future, gamers may at times again find themselves waiting on additional players or games to start.

Rated Teen: this title isn’t any more offensive than any other BR title. It has interesting characters and a brighter feel than a lot of other titles but is compelling enough to appeal to adults & teens alike, especially if they want more depth to their gameplay than other titles might offer.

The game itself is incredibly smooth to play, the environments are fun to traverse and we are able to utilise ziplines and travel with ease throughout a very colourful and visually appealing world which is further enhanced by its slightly futuristic soundtrack.

Currently free to play, this title offers a lot for nothing and whilst you are able to buy packs from console stores, this isn’t a pay to win the title and all items contained in those are purely cosmetic so they are not a requirement to play.

‘Apex Legends’ also offers a seasonal Battle pass which enables players to gain access to other skins or content but again this is optional and as this is a free to play EA title, the monetary aspects are not surprising but are optional.

I found ‘Apex Legends’ to a be a refreshing surprise. This title seemed to appear from nowhere and did not seem to be plagued by a lot of issues other online multiplayer titles have faced at launch which enabled it to very quickly gain a large fanbase.

Respawn has created a battle royale title which does stand part, to me it seems like a game made by BR fans for BR fans.

They have combined so many familiar elements from other titles such as Overwatch, PUBG or Titanfall and created a game which both adds extra dynamics to a genre already saturated with this type of gameplay.

I highly recommend anyone who is a fan of BR games to try this title out, it will offer hours of fun with your friends, so pick your favourite character and conquer the world in ‘Apex Legends’.

Apex Legends Review

Conquer with your squad and dominate the map in 'Apex Legends'.

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