Anthem Review

Its always great to see a beloved developer try something new and that is exactly what anthem is. I have been a huge bioware fan ever since I first played mass effect and dragon age all those years ago.

Bioware is just one of those companies that knows how to craft a deep rich, interesting story. That was until anthem. As we have seen with many looter shooters before such as destiny it is very hard to craft and deliver a fantastic story in this type of a game.

The overall story arch of Anthem is just a clique narrative we have seen countless times over. A bad guy with a deep voice wants to control an uncontrollable power, and the good guys want to stop him because the villain won’t be able to control the power and will end up killing everyone.

The overall story does go into more details if reading all the lore and collectables is you thing. But I feel most gamers are not going to go an further into the story then what they see in the cutscenes.

What’s worse is that the game gives the player the illusion that his or her choices matter, but in the end, all the dialog options lead to pretty much the same end. I understand why they did this, with the game being a heavily multiplayer based game. They can’t have everyone all having a different ending. Plus it would be extremely hard to make a sequel. But why even give us the dialog options then.

The gameplay as a whole is pretty solid for the most part. The gun play is very smooth and the player movement is very well done. Once of my favorite features by far are the gliding/flying machnics. There is just something so fun about flying around the map, going underwater and through caves.

But where the game falls flat is with all the repetitive missions. Most if not all the missions comprise of you going to pick up items to bring back to a location, holding an area for a couple of minutes or just fighting off waves of enemies. While is fun for the first few hours, after a while it becomes extremely tedious.

On the bright side, the character customization is really good. It almost reminds me of Monster Hunter World in a way. As it gives you the ability to craft different items and weapons out of materials you find while out in the world. The game also allows you to choose different javelins, which are exo-suits that your character wears when going out into the world.

So far the game has 4 types of javelins. The storm which is like a mage, the interceptor which is the fastest most agile javelin, the ranger, a well-rounded soldier type and the colossus which is a tank with a ton of armor and heavy firepower.

As well as selecting a javilin the game also lets you customize the appearence of it. Alowing you to change the legs, chest, arms, and helmet style as well as the paint colors and other components. Over all the character customization is one of the better parts in this game.

If graphics are your thing anthem does this very well. While playing this game I did not notice any frame drops at all and the environments look lush and beautiful with plenty of detail. Some of the enemy animations see a bit weird at times but your character’s animation seems for the most part pretty solid.

The game sound and music is good as well. Nothing special, but nothing that takes away from the game. The voice acting however really shines in this game.

It should not be any shocker to anyone who has played a game in the last three years but this game does also have microtransactings. For the most part they seem pretty fairly priced compared to other games. It seems that a new character skin will cost you about 8 dollars. They also included a option to buy microtransaction with earned in game curency. Which is nice but seems rather difficult to earn enough of to buy most items.

Overall anthem is not a perfect game by any means. But with that being said I dont think it is inharently a bad one either. If you are the type of gamer who loves to grind on a game for the best armor or guns then this game might be for you. Just go in with the understanding that in this game you will be doing a lot of the same type of gameplay and missions over and over.

And If you are more of a story focused gamer this just might be a game for you to hold off on until it drops in price or enters the EA access vault.

Anthem Review

Anthem offers a rich open world. Introduces many great gameplay features, but falls flat with the narrative and grindy gameplay loop.

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