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Analyse The Infectious Madness of Dr. Dekker

Your predecessor; the mysterious Dr. Dekker has been murdered and it is down to you, the current doctor, to analyse his patients and ultimately, find who killed him in this psychological horror FMV, The Infectious Madness of Dr Dekker.

Created by D’Vekki Studios & released 06/05/2018, this FMV title is an interesting story with many intertwining themes and paranormal ideals.

Dealing with madness & patients who display a variety of different issues, some of which are familiar cliches, like the cold, housewife, this tale of murder, mental health & Cthulhu had me intrigued and its Teen rating is very appropriate.

The physical gameplay itself is very limited, you largely ask questions, which can be text inputted or selected with the D pad, or you look at the evidence you are given as you move through the games acts.

This game is more about your ability to diagnose and access the situation, with no player skills or level ups, the important thing is how you reach your conclusion & what your final answer is.

Visually, this title gives us over 1600 HD video responses, all of these are beautifully presented and each of the of the characters are brought to life and all interactions affect their, and your own insanity.

We are given six suspects, the killer is randomly selected at the beginning of the game giving us multiple endings & numerous chances to learn more about the patients themselves and their history.

We largely see our patients sitting on a sofa in front of us but this gives the game a truly Freudian feel. The office itself isn’t overly dramatic but it does help set the tone of the darkness around you.

The scenes can be disconcerting and the information given to you can be shocking. Each of the characters has their own motivations & obscure beliefs that are so well acted, it can be difficult to discern who is telling the truth at times because in their head, they all are.

There are more tales of death than Dr. Dekker’s & many references to Cthulhu or supernatural powers, all of which combine to create a story which is very much smoke & mirrors.

I found myself drawn into this world and played it straight from start to finish so whilst it is a niche game, it is addictive.

The Infectious Madness of Dr Dekker had me hooked throughout until the end, which to me felt a little obvious despite being hidden behind various twists & turns and hyperbole.

Comparing the tales told by your patients and the physical evidence presented to you in the responses or evidence, it felt like it was too easy to discern who the mastermind was and gave me an ending, that whilst satisfying, also left me with many questions & I am not sure if I will replay it any time soon.

I completed it on my first run in about 4 hours so doing it multiple times isn’t a huge grind so many may replay this game to gain the available achievements  or simply to see a different aspect of a very interesting tale.

Overall, this game has a lot to offer fans of whodunnits or crime programs. Playing both doctor, and detective, was appealing & I found myself thinking about the stories told long after I had finished it, wondering what I would have said differently in certain interactions.

Available for $12.99, or for $45.99 in an FMV bundle, The Infectious Madness is certainly not for everyone but it has opened the door to a genre of games I didn’t know much about or had ever experienced.

I look forward to seeing what else D’Vekki Studios create as I delve into the world of FMV, looking for more murder mysteries to solve.


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