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Ambassador’s Showcase: June 2018


LSG Millertime

LSG Millertime is an enthusiastic and passionate member of our community. An ambassador for almost a year now, Miller spends most of his free time on mixer moderating and helping new streamers set up their streams.

We decided to give LSG MIllertime this month's Ambassador Showcase, not because he is actively doing support chats or replying on Twitter. But rather because he is extremely passionate about our community and going out of his way every day to help others on Mixer.

He is a true testament that being an ambassador is more than doing support chats. Interacting with the community one on one can be just as important to growing and making our community better.

Care to learn more about LSG Millertime? Read our full interview below.


Q: When did you get your first Xbox?

A: I got my first Xbox shortly after the first Destiny came out.

Q: So you were a bit of a late bloomer to come to the Xbox console then?

A: It took me so long to get my first Xbox One because unlike many people in my generation who have had their systems given to them I had to work for my own money, to buy my own console. So I started off on the 360 shortly after Destiny 1 was released because I had a family friend who was looking to sell his 360. Then after a while, I bought my special edition Forza Motorsport Xbox One from Gamestop. And because of having to work for my console I have a greater appreciation for it.

Q: What made you decide to get an Xbox rather than another brand?

A: I chose Xbox over any other brands because I already had friends on Xbox and I saw that the community was one that cared about and helped its players.

Q: What is one of your best memories playing on Xbox?

A: One of my favorite memories on Xbox is Playing overwatch custom matches with bots on the ambassador playdates. I got a D.Va ult and kill a majority of the enemy team. After that, they started targeting me the rest of the game. It was a lot of fun and one of my best games of Overwatch ever.

Q: What games or genres do you like to play in your free time?

A: When it comes to a genre I play a little bit of everything; but some of my favorite games are Destiny, Halos, Fortnite, and the especially addicting Ark Survival Evolved. Oh, I can’t forget rocket league and overwatch because D.Va is bae!!!

Q: Do you have any advice for new ambassadors just now entering the program?

A: The greatest advice I can give to a new ambassador is don't think the ambassador program is all about support chats, have fun with the community and definitely go through the academy.

Q: What are some of the games you are excited about this year?

A: I am definitely excited for Call of Duty Black Ops 4 and then some of the games already out like State of Decay 2 and COD WW2.

Q: Finally, where would you like to see the ambassador's program go in the future?

A: I’d like to see the ambassador's program go towards more ways to earn experience and climb the tiers. I would also like to see them incorporate more ways for ambassadors to be active besides support chats.

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