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Our Approach

We are committed to bringing you something that is a bit rare these days. Honest, unbiased game and product reviews, without a ton of filler. We are not journalists who write about games. We are gamers who care deeply about the community and wish to share our opinions. Because of this, our main concern will always be adding value for our readers.  We will never twist a review, or alter a news article to make the gaming industry look better. Making sure that our audience knows and understands what is happening in the gaming industry, and are able to make educated, well-informed decisions on what games to buy is why we do what we do.

Our Story

Our story so far is short. But we are very excited about what the future holds for us together with this small site. As of this moment, I guess all we can really say is that this site was started in May of 2018. What the future holds for us remains to be written.

Meet the Team

Here are the exceptional people who make everything we do possible!


Ambassador Zemi

Founder & Lead Editor

Zemi has been a fan of Xbox ever since 2001 after he killed his first grunt while playing Halo: Combat Evolved. An avid gamer since youth, he is knowledgeable in many gaming trends and genres.




Include a short bio with an interesting fact about the person.




Include a short bio with an interesting fact about the person.


Pandy Yato


Pandy is an indie gamer from the Uk. She loves anime, all things RPG and is especially happy if she can be a black mage. When not gaming, she is busy with her two kids & cats and trying to avoid the British rain.




EpicQuiet has been on Xbox One just under 3 years. He is a fan of several genres of video games and has been gaming for over 30 years total.




Bri, or Weepy, is an open worlds kind of gamer though playing a variety of different genres. She enjoys doing creative things such as graphics for various things as well as writing. Plus she likes history and anything English though being from the U.S.

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