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Our story is a short one as of now. But we are all excited about what the future holds for us together with this small site. As for this moment, I guess all we can really say is that this site was started in May of 2018. What the future holds for us has yet to be written.

Our mission is to bring you gaming news while explaining in a way an average gamer can understand. We strive to bring you something that is a bit rare these days. Honest, unbias game and product reviews, without a ton of filler. We are not journalists who write about games. We are gamers who care deeply about the community and want to share our opinions. We will never alter and twist reviews or news to make any publisher or developer look better. Our main concern will always be adding value to everything we do, making sure our audience is taken care of. Ensuring all of our readers can make educated decisions when buying a game and know what is happening in the industry we all care so much for.

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