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5 Upcoming Indie Games to Watch Out For!

With so many new titles arriving every year, it can be difficult to decide which ones you actually want, I myself, sometimes jump between games and find it hard to settle on one, with that in mind however, I now present the five upcoming Indie games I am most excited about.

The Church In Darkness:

Paranoid Productions (TBA 2018)

Cult inspired action adventure which sees the player attempt to infilitrate a cult to rescue one of its members.

Procedurally generated, this single player title tackles the topic of 70s cults & small town America with sensitivity, in a 3D environment which draws the player further into its graphic novel like tale.

With limited videos available and no current release date, there isn’t much information but that just adds to the mystery of The Church in Darkness, a game made by a fan of cult of tales for his fellow fans.

For more details:  http://www.paranoidproductions.com/church/

The Children of Motra:

Dead Mage (TBA 2018)

A single player, fantasy hack & slash following the sad tale of the Bergenson family, last residents and guardians of the corrupted Mount Morta.

A nostalgic 2D roguelike which will appeal to many retro gamers, this title contains many elements that will be familiar to those who are a fan of magic and the mysteries it presents.

No confirmed release date is available but with it rumoured to be released later in 2018, The Children of Morta is one for those who enjoy a compelling story line & pixel art.

For more details:  http://childrenofmorta.com/

Bad North:

Plausible Concept (Summer 2018).

Beautifully animated, this simulation roguelike places the gamer as a leader of an island who must defend against the Viking invaders who arrive on their shore.

Minimalist in both looks & gameplay, Bad North focuses more on the tactics and your ability to defend your land than storyline & voice acting, but it looks endlessly addictive and engaging.

An isometric adventure, Plausible Concept could gain a small, but loyal following in fans of civilisation simulation type games or those who prefer tactics in their battles.

For more details:  https://www.badnorth.com/


Krillbite Studios (TBA 2018).

A dystopian, Orwellian look into the realities of life for a commuter in our modern world, this puzzle platformer has the potential to engage us all on a personal & relatable level.

Every element of this game seems designed to draw you into its oppressive feel, from few sounds to a limited colour palette, Mosaic combines puzzles and human enui in a unique way.

Fans of Black mirror or anything that highlights the cog-in-a-wheel nature of life may find themselves connecting to Mosaic on a personal level and enjoying the themes it explores.

For more details:  http://www.themosaicgame.com/

Praey for the Gods:

No Matter Studios (TBA 2018).

Alone in a frozen world the player must  save by destroying the Gods of their faith, this title is a survival action & adventure which combines fantasy and mysticism in an exciting rpg.

Graphically beautiful and with a storyline that already intrigues me, Praey for the Gods, like many unreleased games, has limited information but what is available, presents a game for RPG fans.

Containing many elements that those who played Skyrim may recognize, this indie title promises a rich & dynamic world for us to explore, & conquer, all in an inhospitable environment which will exhaust your character & leave you wanting to press forward.

For more details:  http://www.praeyforthegods.com/

These five titles are my personal choice, to me they are exciting and each gives something new to their respective genres but they are not the only Indie games due for release this year.

I encourage each and everyone one of you to step away from the AAA section & have a look at what is happening in Indie this year, I guarantee you will find something you like.

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